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The Sacrum

The Sacrum – Published Tuesday12/11/2018

If I asked you to locate your Sacrum would you know immediately where that is? You’re probably sitting on it right now!!! If you thought about it you would have to agree that you are either sitting on it or laying on it a good majority of your 24 hour day. Yes, the Sacrum is your tailbone but it is also so much more than that. 

The sacrum is a triangle shaped bone that houses and protects the base of your nervous system and is the location of the largest articulating joint in your entire body and it just happens to be smack dap in the very center or middle point in your body and oh yeah it resides as the keystone at the top of the arch that is your lower half. Ever wondered where the arch came from in architecture? Look no further. Totally just my opinion but seriously the body is structured pretty well don’t ya think? This area is said to house Chi and perhaps is like the battery or electrical power of our entire body and being. Or you might say it is part of the SI(Sacroiliac) joint that contains many neuroreceptors that have a dramatic effect on our nervous system.

One of the first points of therapy in improving the overall health of anyone on my table is to gently open this joint and bring the hips into proper alignment and teach my clients very simple stretches to maintain the flexibility and “openness” of this most important joint.  

As a gift, every client of mine receives a “Sacrum bean bag” to take home and enjoy. This simple tool requires only ten minutes a day and all you have to do is lay down on the floor with it underneath your Sacrum and it can help reduce stress, anxiety, mental “busyness” and tension throughout low back and can improve sleep and bowel movement. It is awesome and so simple and easy.  You are so much more than a gorgeous piece of architecture, but let’s make sure your foundation is strong so you can stand tall and healthy for many years to come.

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