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Chronic low back pain?

Blog #2 12/12/2018

What is the number one cause of chronic low back pain? In my experience as a body worker I have found that most people that have low back pain because of a condition called Anterior Pelvic Tilt(ATP) which basically means their hips are tilted forward mostly due to spending time in a seated position. Basically, by sitting for long stretches we are teaching our muscles in the front of our thighs and hips to be shorter than when we are standing. So when we go to stand up or try to stay standing or walking for longer periods our back muscles get tired of trying to lengthen these short muscles in front. Once the hips are back in there proper position and the short muscles are lengthened the body can return to its designed position for top functionality. To maintain this posture requires some stretching and re-patterning exercises that can easily be done at home and takes merely minutes each day.  

Not all people who suffer from back pain have APT and certainly some cases are not this simple and require more massage therapy than others.  I am just encouraging anyone who suffers from back pain to give massage therapy a try and have a conversation with the therapist you are working with about Anterior Pelvic Tilt and whether they are trained in this structural body work. Why not try the least invasive therapy first before jumping into surgery or a pain management regimen that may put you at risk of addiction or a more debilitating symptom? Be well and don’t forget to frolic!!

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